Housing with Care: The current sector and awards launch

Housing with care models offer a valuable option for individuals who require some level of assistance or care but still wish to maintain a sense of independence and autonomy. By providing on-site care and meal services within purpose-built, self-contained households, these arrangements offer a supportive environment while allowing individuals to retain control over their living space and daily routines.

Some stats:

There are approximately 74,000 housing with care units in UK although figures on this vary. This is a relatively small number of units with only 0.9% of households aged over 65 living in housing with care in England and Wales, compared with 6.5% in the US and 5.7% in Australia. Provision is not uniform across the country, for example around 8% of districts in England lack even one housing with care scheme. (Source: ARCO).

Key benefits of housing with care:

  1. Independence: Residents have their own private living space, giving them autonomy over their daily activities and routines. They can maintain a sense of independence while still accessing the support they need.
  2. Safety and Security: Purpose-built facilities often incorporate safety features tailored to the needs of residents, such as emergency call systems and accessibility features, providing peace of mind for both residents and their families.
  3. Social Interaction: Housing with care communities often foster social interaction among residents through shared facilities and organised activities, combating loneliness and promoting a sense of community.
  4. Access to Care: On-site care services ensure that residents have easy access to assistance with activities of daily living, healthcare services, and support as needed, without the need to relocate to a different facility.
  5. Nutritious Meals: Access to on-site meal services ensures that residents receive nutritious and balanced meals, promoting overall health and well-being.
  6. Continuity of Care: Residents can receive consistent and coordinated care from trained professionals who are familiar with their individual needs and preferences.

This sector attracts some amazing leaders and Care Talk Magazine hosts the annual Housing with Care Awards, recognising and celebrating excellence in accommodation and services for Integrated Retirement Communities, people with learning disabilities and people with mental health problems, assisted living, extra care housing, supported living and shared lives schemes.

Nominations are now open for The Housing with Care Awards.

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