Post: Director of Operations

Before approaching Linda and the team at Carter Schwartz we had undertaken an extensive search of the market. We wanted to make sure that we had not missed any outstanding candidates in the sector that a specialist firm could identify. Linda and the team took a significant amount of time to understand the remit of the role and critically, the type of candidate that would best fit the role and our organisation’s visions and values. Their tenacity, focus, and screening resulted in finding and appointing an ideal candidate that we were not aware of before.

I would not hesitate to use their services again

Chief Executive Officer, Bright Futures Care
Post: Director of Operations

Carter Schwartz provided a quick, effective, professional and successful service.
Their level of commerciality and confidentiality was excellent and I wouldn’t think twice regarding using them again.

Chief Executive Officer, Tracscare
Post: Director of Operations

Carter Schwartz is an experienced health service operator. It is rare to find a recruiter who understands the market so well because they have worked in it for so long. Carter Schwartz is that company.

Senior Advisor, Patron Capital
Post: Clinical Nurse Specialist

Finding a CAMHS Clinical Nurse Specialist has been tricky, there are national recruitment challenges across mental health nursing and particularly in CAMHS.

Having tried various methods to recruit we engaged with Carter Schwartz, this was a last attempt before re thinking the post.

The engagement through an initial conversation was swift and professional, the initial meeting was so important to enable Carter Schwartz to understand exactly what I was looking for, but also to understand my leadership and management style, which is always crucial.

After a couple of comprehensive searches, it was clear there were a number of potential candidates; Carter Schwartz kept me fully informed at each stage, testing my thinking and agreeing next steps.

Linda personally interviewed all the potential candidates and personally fed back her thoughts and observations which were clear, articulate and well ordered, looking at experience, leadership and emotional intelligence.
The comprehensive notes were really helpful guides and reminders.

We made a successful appointment, which is great news, I would certainly recommend Carter Schwartz, they were knowledgeable, effective, great communicators and offer a human face to recruitment.

Director of Nursing, Cygnet Health Care

From the first time an introduction email landed in my inbox it felt different to the routine approaches that are often received.

It prompted me to respond which rarely happened previously.

From the moment I met Linda, who I mostly liaised with me, I felt comfortable and confident that she was an expert in her field and subject matter. It is so important to be able to speak the same language and share knowledge within the speciality being discussed.

The business of healthcare is unique and Carter Schwartz went to great lengths to ensure they could deliver the very best service to both candidate and client.

I felt fully supported throughout the process and comprehensive communication was provided at every stage.

Right through to commencement and beyond Carter Schwartz demonstrated that the person involved was most valued and nothing was too much trouble.

Successful applicant

Researcher; Contact was made professionally and felt like a good exploratory conversation as described the job and how it might fit with my profile. Told me enough to realise it was a position that could be interesting, but left enough to make me really want to meet with the consultant (Linda) to know more.

Initial Meeting with Carter Schwartz – Professional and concise and kept to time which was important. Usual talk and sharing of the role in addition to questions about experience and no shying away from difficult questions. i.e – for me it was why would I move after a relatively short time in my current role. This actually puts you at ease because you know that when Carter Schwartz was speaking to the client they would be fully aware of the situation. The other thing that struck me was that Carter Schwartz quickly deduced what I would want out of the role and by the end of less than an hour we had agreed how the role would need to be structured in order for it to be interesting enough.

Process – There were a few steps in the process. I was kept extremely well informed throughout with good notice so I could plan. There was also always the offer of a call before and after a step in the process. This provided feedback and a space to understand what the recruiter was wanting. It was also just the right level of support – not feeling pushy, but supportive. Any reservations I had were clearly fed back to the client who even referenced these at times and showed that we were all on the same page.

Decision – this was communicated quickly and professionally, but also with some warmth. I was well aware of my performance in the process from the feedback but also what the client thought going forward. Despite it being a fairly lengthy process I felt I had got a lot out of it and learnt a lot as well as gaining a reputation with a new company. I think Carter Schwartz manage to create lasting good impressions between the recruiter and candidate so that despite being unsuccessful you feel that you would still want to work for that company in the long term.

Unsuccessful candidate

Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your call today. After 11 years of not being in a position of ‘searching’, I’ve had a disappointing mix of experiences to date with executive search groups. Some great and some not so. It was lovely to hear how Carter Schwartz operates and that you would want to meet me ahead of any thoughts/discussions about potential roles. It sounded as if the needs of your clients and your candidates would really be looked after and your advice to wait and see how things progress with the other couple of opportunities up here, was also spot on.

Job seeker
Post: Hospital Manager

We worked with Carter Schwartz to make a key senior level hire into a newly acquired business within our Group. The acquisition moved us into a new sector and the quality of the person we hired was essential to help us to integrate the new business and hit our ambitious development plans. Carter Schwartz worked hard to understand our industry and our specific needs for this role and work with us at every step of the process to make sure we were completely aligned on the types of candidates we were looking for. This resulted in us having a group of exceptional candidates to choose from. We made the hire 8 months ago and the impact on our business has been tremendous. Carter Schwartz has been an integral partner in making this important hire and would highly recommend them to other healthcare players.

Director of Strategy and Commercial Initiatives, Companion Care
Candidate who became a client

Having met Carter Schwartz recruitment consultancy I have been a candidate and worked with them to recruit into key roles within my organisation. Carter Schwartz carries out thei role with professionalism, insight a courteous manner and balances this with a friendly approach. I have felt both supported and informed throughout each process and reassured that Carter Schwartz informs and engages all parties involved within each commission. Carter Schwartz are excellent communicators and take time and effort in relating reliable information between all parties to bring about success.

Group Operations Director, Badby Park
Post: Oncology Centre Manager

Carter Schwartz quickly understood the brief and role requirements, set out a clear timeline that met my expectations of a quick turnaround and a strong selection of candidates, managing it professionally and communicating clearly to me and the candidates. There is no doubt that Carter Schwartz’s vast experience in managing within the healthcare sector aided the process due to their understanding of the dynamics and then person type and fit.

Director, Spire Hospital Bristol & Spire Oncology Centre
Post: Care Home Manager

Hi Linda,

Can I start off by saying how impressed I have been by the quality of your presentation and the way in which you work. I didn’t think a service of such quality was available in health and social care.

I am really looking forward to you beginning this process.

Director, Maricare Ltd


Thank you for meeting me, I found the conversation far more enriching than I had anticipated. What a career journey you have been on!

I love the fact you guys know the world of care and are not just recruitment bods.

Successful candidate

Thank you very much for seeing me earlier. You were very inspirational and come along with great experience at the most senior levels of healthcare organisations.

You gave me so much confidence and advice and I left rejuvenated and a changed man considering all sorts of possibilities. As it happens I did not get the other local post (informed this evening), but I am not perturbed as I think that opens up a wider space to explore.

Job Seeker

Dear Linda, thank you for letting me know.

I am of course disappointed, however I really enjoyed meeting you to share my experience and aspirations, and found your approach very professional and thorough. I hope to work with you again in the future and look forward to hearing about other similar opportunities.

Unsuccessful candidate