A spotlight on boardroom culture & values

We all speak about the importance of culture in the workplace and the boardroom, but why do we have a hard time defining it, describing it, and identifying ways to improve it? It could be that we are trying to over-complicate quite a simple need… the need to be heard. 

A need to be heard is a little ‘flowery’, but when it is spelled out by organistations that working collaboratively with open and clear communication creates a culture of partnership and respect that leads to effective governance in today’s pressure-packed business environment.

Laura Davies, Director of Quality at Aspriations says, ‘the boardroom is about open, frank and respectful dialogue. Clear communication really does set the scene for constructive discussions which in turn leads to a positive boardroom culture and experience for all board members.’

Carter Schwartz understands the imperatives of transformation and sustainable growth when it comes to CSuite hires and putting the right people at the centre of business and creating long-term value for stakeholders.

Adam Carter, Founder and Managing Partner at Carter Schwartz says, ‘there is no harm in asking, do we have the right talent to fulfill a transformation and growth strategy? While years ago, financial capital was the dominant aspect of board discussions, investors are now asking what is the health of the leadership pipeline, not only in terms of robust succession plans for the top team but for other critical roles?’

The reason culture is increasingly on the agenda is because there is a huge downside when you get it wrong.  However, there is also a massive upside when you get it right.

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