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Finding Women Leaders in Healthcare

How can organisations within the healthcare sector find female leaders? In the UK today, the gender gap between men and women is decreasing every year with a record number of women securing leadership roles at FTSE 100 companies. Nevertheless, within healthcare, it is still men who command the large majority of leadership positions. In the…

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5 Traits That Make a Good Leader

What traits make a good leader? We uncover a few… Trying to find the perfect candidate to lead a health and social care organisation can be a long and laborious process. Top this off with recent scandals within the sector, and employers will know all to well that replacing senior executives who have suffered such…

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Finding The Best Executive Talent: Can Recruiters Really Help?

Finding top-level talent can be tough, particularly in the health and social care sectors where organisations often find themselves recruiting for highly specialist management roles including those across a clinical, academic or research remit. When it comes to filling a critical position that affects the strategic direction of the organisation, some executives may try to…

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