The Alantra Specialist Care Fast 50

The Alantra Specialist Care Fast 50 has been released. This is the fourth Fast 50, which ranks the fastest-growing privately owned specialist care companies in the UK. 

Partner and Head of Healthcare at Alantra,  Justin Crowther said, “The Specialist Care Fast 50 recognises the remarkable achievements of a sector bouncing back strongly from the Covid-19 pandemic with providers continuing to add capacity to meet increasing demand from local authorities and care commissioners working to support adults and children with a range of needs.”

The average businesses in this year’s Alantra Specialist Care Fast 50 report have posted a two-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22%. Most businesses in the report have posted double-digit growth, while on average the top 10 have all delivered annualised revenue growth of more than 30%.

The fastest-growing business, Equilibrium Healthcare, has achieved a two-year CAGR of 55%. The report ranks Liaise Group Learning Disabilities second with a growth rate of 47%. And those following are M&D Care (43%), The Esland Group (43%), ivolve Care & Support (41%), Aspirations Care (41%), Towerview Care Advanced Neurobehavioural (39%), Steps Rehabilitation (38%), Flexible Support Options (36%) and Active Care Group (32%).

Commenting on the report, Founder and Managing Partner, Adam Carter suggested that ‘the specialist care sector continues to grow “strongly” through a combination of organic growth and M&A activity, and that the sector remains ripe for the picking throughout 2024 and 2025.’

Overall, the report highlights an increase in M&A in adult specialist care, a call for a more specialised representative body, an emphasis on leveraging digital information, a push for sustainable growth, and a demand for greater certainty regarding funding.

Read the full report here…