UK’s first mental health centre for men

Suicide is the biggest killer of young men in the UK. In fact, men account for more than three-quarters of the 6,000 suicides a year, highlighting the very real need to address this issue.

The Eaton Foundation aiming to tackle male suicide rates with the opening of a mental health centre specifically for men in Burton upon Trent.

Alex Eaton, who has suffered from mental health problems and whose father also suffered from depression and addiction, which sadly resulted in him taking his own life, has set up the site.

Male mental health is a huge problem that is often overlooked. Unfortunately, there is a persisting image in society that men should be strong and fight through their problems – they can’t be seen to be weak. As such, men are less likely to talk about their problems than women, instead turning to other coping mechanisms such as playing a sport, or drinking. Having mental health problems can be very difficult to live with and without anyone to talk to, they will only get worse and worse.

The centre is the first of its kind in the country and it is hoped that it will prevent male suicide, providing men with a platform to talk through and deal with their problems with professionals who understand their needs.

Indeed, the centre and has been welcomed by numerous mental health charities including MIND and CALM, which works to stop young men killing themselves. It has also received a lot of funding locally and nationally, highlighting the support for such needed initiatives from the community.

We think that the new clinic is a fantastic idea and hope that the centre will become one of many across the country in years to come.

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