Finding The Best Executive Talent: Can Recruiters Really Help?

Finding top-level talent can be tough, particularly in the health and social care sectors where organisations often find themselves recruiting for highly specialist management roles including those across a clinical, academic or research remit.

When it comes to filling a critical position that affects the strategic direction of the organisation, some executives may try to cut costs by handling the search in-house. The problem with this however, is that traditional hiring techniques rarely – if at all – result in a successful hire, especially when hiring for challenging and hard to fill senior roles. After all, it takes certain traits to be a successful healthcare leader.

That’s where specialist executive search firms come into their own, helping you to attract, interview and hire exceptional mid to senior level healthcare employees.

Now, it may seem like an unnecessary additional expense to turn to a professional recruiter at first, but do not underestimate their value. When you engage with an executive search firm, it is not simply a case of just putting an ad in the paper and selecting the best person who applies – far from it.

Proactive recruitment opens you up to wider range of candidates, including those that may not otherwise have seen or shown interest in your appointment. Indeed, recruiters will work tenaciously with candidates, at times prising them from their current roles when they had not been considering a move or perhaps contacting candidates from outside of the healthcare space who are keen to obtain a role in the sector.

In addition to sourcing job candidates, search firms can help businesses identify exactly what type of candidate with the relevant qualifications, vet references, write appealing job descriptions and effectively manage and speed up the hiring process for you. Essentially, they will deliver qualified candidates who can pass a rigorous hiring process, helping you find the best top-tier executives for your team.

The cost of a bad hire can have considerable implications for your organisation, using up valuable time and money, jeopardising your competitive edge in the market place in the process. Tackling an executive search on your own is not only difficult but can distract senior staff from other important tasks such as managing and growing the business whilst they continue their search.

When it comes to recruitment for senior healthcare appointments, it’s crucial to find the best candidate. Working with a search firm that has a broad and diverse spectrum of private sector healthcare clients, both nationally and internationally, will undoubtedly make your search more efficient.

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